Conversion of CO2 to methanol using NiGa/mesosilica (NiGa/MSO) catalyst


This study covered preparation, characterization and application of novel NiGa/MSO catalyst. The catalyst was prepared by impregnation method using precursors such as nitrates of nickel and gallium and support as mesoporous silica (mesosilica, MSO). Ordered mesoporous structure of the mesosilica support provided the catalyst with high dispersion of active sites and good thermal stability. Conversion of CO2 to methanol was also investigated to find suitable temperature and pressure for the process. Especially, oxidation state of active sites and catalyst element composition were also determined and calculated. Characterizations including XRD, TEM, TG-DSC-MS and XPS were used in the study. GC coupled with TCD and FID detectors were applied to determine the chemical composition of gas product.

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This work was financially supported by the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development, Vietnam (NAFOSTED) under Grant Number 104.05-2017.21.

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Correspondence to Hong Khanh Dieu Nguyen.

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  • Mesoporous
  • Ni5Ga3
  • Methanol production
  • Hydrogenation
  • Carbon dioxide reduction