Influencing factors on rapid crystallization of high silica nano-sized zeolite Y without organic template under atmospheric pressure


Nano-sized zeolite Y has been successfully synthesized within 4–7 h of crystallization at 100 °C at atmospheric pressure through the optimization of molar composition using 23 factorial methods. The smallest crystal size of zeolite Y was in the range of 150–200 nm with the reaction time of 3 hrs to 4 hrs. However, solid state Si29-nmr clearly shows that as aging time increases, Al seems to be more incorporated into silicate framework. Like the conventional zeolite synthesis, the alkalinity plays a critical role in the aspect of controlling the crystal size but the other two, Al2O3 and H2O contents must be considered simultaneously. Therefore, the 23 factorial methods can be a useful tool for the optimization of molar composition to synthesize nano-sized zeolite Y crystals.

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  • Nano-sized zeolite Y
  • 23 Factorial methods
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Alkalinity
  • Al2O3 content