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Synthesis of carbon molecular sieves from palm shell by carbon vapor deposition


A series of experiments were conducted to produce carbon molecular sieves (CMS) through carbon deposition from a locally available palm shell of Tenera type for separating gaseous mixtures. The process involves three stages; carbonization, physical activation with steam, and carbon deposition by using benzene cracking technique. Carbonization of the dried palm shells was occurred at 900°C for duration of 1 h followed by steam activation at 830°C for 30–420 min to obtain activated carbons with different degree of burn-offs. The highest micropore volume of activated carbon obtained at 53.2% burn-off was used as a precursor for CMS production. Subsequent carbon deposition of the activated sample at temperature range from 600 to 900°C for 30 min has resulted in a series of CMSs with different selectivities of CO2/CH4 and O2/N2. The kinetic adsorption isotherm of CO2, CH4, O2 and N2 at room temperature also presented in this work.

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This research was supported financially by the Vote F (F1026/2004D) Research Grant, University of Malaya.

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