Journal of Paleolimnology

, Volume 38, Issue 4, pp 619–620 | Cite as

A. S. Isaar, Climate Change during the Holocene and their Impact on Hydrological Systems

2004, 127 pp, Paperback, £24.99, ISBN 0-521-60773-6
  • Andrew HendersonEmail author
Book Review

The motivation for this book is to assess the role of changing Holocene climate and how this has impacted hydrological systems. This is a very worthwhile subject, since one of the major concerns of predicted climate warming is how the regions most susceptibility to drought, such as the Sahara, NW China, Middle East, will respond to such climate changes and lessons from the Holocene, notably the ‘climatic-optima’ in the mid-Holocene, are important in assessing this. Unfortunately this volume fails to deliver any insightful contributions to the debate and, given that it aims to assess impacts on hydrological systems, there is a remarkable lack of discussion about the consequences for lakes (which I know we all hold dear to our hearts!). The volume is arranged in chapters that deal with different areas of the world, with each explaining the contemporary climate and the past climate of that region, sometimes split into further, more regionally-specific sections. Most noticeable is that...

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