Journal of Polymers and the Environment

, Volume 27, Issue 11, pp 2549–2551 | Cite as

Correction to: Synthesis and Performance Evaluation of Unsaturated Polyester Blends of Resins and Its Application on Non-woven/Fabric Jute Fibers Reinforced Composites

  • Nilakshi KakatiEmail author
  • Edja F. Assanvo
  • Dipul Kalita

Correction to: Journal of Polymers and the Environment

The original version of this article unfortunately contained mistakes in the placement of Figs. 5, 7–10 and their captions. The corrected Figs. 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 with captions have been given below:

The original article has been corrected.
Fig. 5

Fracture surface of a UPC10, b UPC5, and c UPC0


Stress–strain curves

Fig. 8

Relationship between hardness shore D versus alkyd resin content in UP blend

Fig. 9

Water absorption of UPC0, UPC5, and UPC10

Fig. 10

XRD diffractograms of non-woven/fabric jute composites UPC0, UPC5 and UPC10


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  1. 1.Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR)CSIR-North East Institute of Science and TechnologyJorhatIndia
  2. 2.Cellulose Pulp & Paper Group, Material Sciences & Technology DivisionCSIR-North East Institute of Science and TechnologyJorhatIndia
  3. 3.Laboratoire de Thermodynamique et de Physico-Chimie du MilieuUFR-SFA, Université NanguiAbidjan 02Côte d’Ivoire

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