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, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 254–262 | Cite as

Elaboration and Properties of Innovative Biobased PUIR Foams from Microalgae

  • Alice Arbenz
  • Rémi Perrin
  • Luc AvérousEmail author
Original Paper


Foams were elaborated from biobased epoxides and polyols derived from highly unsaturated oil of microalgae (schizochytrium sp.). The same types of chemicals were also synthesized from rapeseed oil, and used as references. Triglycerides derivatives were characterized by IR, titration, NMR and SEC analysis. Epoxidation reaction led to fully epoxidized oils, from both bioresources. These epoxidized oils were transformed in polyols via epoxide ring opening reaction with methanol. A preliminary study was focused on the elaboration of urethane-modified isocyanurate (PUIR) foams to evaluate the reactivity and effect of the previously synthesized derivatives (epoxides and polyols) with isocyanates. These derivatives were used to partially substitute oxypropylated glycerol (OPG), a conventional reference polyol. All elaborated foams were close to the PUIR reference (only based on OPG), in terms of kinetics and morphology. PUIR thermal stability was improved, using directly epoxides derivatives.


Microalgal oil Polyol Epoxide Urethane-modified isocyanurate Foam 



The authors thank Vincent Barraud from SOPREMA for helpful discussions. We are also grateful to Sophie Ferreux and Isabelle Dhenin from Soprema, for their technical assistances. We are grateful for, Oseo (Bpifrance), ANRT and SOPREMA are acknowledged for their financial supports. Finally, we thank Novance and CECA for rapeseed oil and OPG. Special thanks are due to Dr. Khadidja Romari (Greensea) for providing algal oil.

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The authors have declared no conflict of interest.

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  1. 1.BioTeam/ICPEES-ECPM, UMR CNRS 7515Université de Strasbourg, 25 rue BecquerelStrasbourg Cedex 2France
  2. 2.SOPREMAStrasbourg CedexFrance

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