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Injection Molded Biocomposites from Soy Protein Based Bioplastic and Short Industrial Hemp Fiber

Biocomposites from soy based bioplastic and chopped industrial hemp fiber were fabricated using twin-screw extrusion and injection molding process. Soy based bioplastics were prepared through cooking with plasticizer and blending with biodegradable poly(ester amide). Mechanical, thermal properties and fracture surface morphology of the “green”/biocomposites were evaluated with universal testing system (UTS), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy (ESEM). It was found that the tensile strength and modulus, flexural strength and modulus, impact strength and heat deflection temperature of industrial hemp fiber reinforced biocomposites significantly improved. The fracture surfaces showed no signs of matrix on the fiber surface suggesting poor interfacial adhesion.

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Key words

  • Soy protein based bioplastic
  • biofiber
  • mechanical properties
  • injection molding
  • electron microscopy