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Performance of Pultruded Jute Fibre Reinforced Phenolic Composites as Building Materials for Door Frame

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Journal of Polymers and the Environment Aims and scope Submit manuscript

The pultruded jute/phenolic composites were aged under various humidity, hydrothermal and weathering conditions. Aging-induced effect of these conditions on the jute profiles was studied in terms of their physico-mechanical properties. It is observed that dimensional change of the profiles was only upto 4% even in an accelerated water aging condition. The effect of absorbed moisture/water on the jute profile was more pronounced in an accelerated water aging than the samples are being exposed to high humidity and alternate wetting and drying cycles. The changes in the values of internal bond strength of the profiles could be used as an indicator because of its sensitivity towards aging. Accentuation of fibres on the weathered samples along with severe resin erosion has suggested to layer the surface of the profiles with rich resin prior to use in the outdoor. The properties of jute profile door frame were satisfactory when compared with the requirements mentioned in IS: 4021–83 – Indian standard specification for timber door, window and ventilator frames. Performance of the installed door frame has shown no sign of dimensional instability in terms of warping and bulging after 3 years. It is suggested that jute door frames could be used as an alternative to the wooden door frames in buildings.

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