Detecting and Mitigating DDoS Attack in Named Data Networking


Named Data Networking (NDN) is a new and attractive paradigm that got a broad interest in recent researches as a potential alternative for the existing IP-based (host-based) Internet architecture. Security is considered explicitly as one of the most critical issues about NDN. Despite that NDN architecture presents higher resilience against most existing attacks, its architecture, nevertheless, can be exploited to start a DDoS attack. In the DDoS attack, the attacker tries to create and transmit a large number of fake Interest packets to increase network congestion and thus dropping legitimate interests by NDN routers. This paper proposes a new technique to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks in NDN that depends on cooperation among NDN routers with the help of a centralized controller. The functionality of these routers depends on their positions inside the autonomous system (AS). The simulation results show that the suggested technique is effective and precise to detect the fake name prefixes and, it offers better performance comparing with the previously proposed ones.

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This study has been supported by Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran.

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  • Named Data Networking Controller
  • Pending Interest Table
  • Distributed Denial of Service Attack
  • Interest Flooding Attack
  • Quotient based Cuckoo filter and Forwarding Information Base