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Green Approach for Joint Management of Geo-Distributed Data Centers and Interconnection Networks

  • Amine BarkatEmail author
  • Mohand-Tahar Kechadi
  • Giacomo Verticale
  • Ilario Filippini
  • Antonio Capone


Every time an Internet user downloads a video, shares a picture, or sends an email, his/her device addresses a data center and often several of them. These complex systems feed the web and all Internet applications with their computing power and information storage, but they are very energy hungry. The energy consumed by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures is currently more than 4% of the worldwide consumption and it is expected to double in the next few years. Data centers and communication networks are responsible for a large portion of the ICT energy consumption and this has stimulated in the last years a research effort to reduce or mitigate their environmental impact. Most of the approaches proposed tackle the problem by separately optimizing the power consumption of the servers in data centers and of the network. However, the Cloud computing infrastructure of most providers, which includes traditional telcos that are extending their offer, is rapidly evolving toward geographically distributed data centers strongly integrated with the network interconnecting them. Distributed data centers do not only bring services closer to users with better quality, but also provide opportunities to improve energy efficiency exploiting the variation of prices in different time zones, the locally generated green energy, and the storage systems that are becoming popular in energy networks. In this paper, we propose an energy aware joint management framework for geo-distributed data centers and their interconnection network. The model is based on virtual machine migration and formulated using mixed integer linear programming. It can be solved using state-of-the art solvers such as CPLEX in reasonable time. The proposed approach covers various aspects of Cloud computing systems. Alongside, it jointly manages the use of green and brown energies using energy storage technologies. The obtained results show that significant energy cost savings can be achieved compared to a baseline strategy, in which data centers do not collaborate to reduce energy and do not use the power coming from renewable resources.


Green cloud Energy consumption Green energy VM migration Energy efficiency Joint optimization 



This work is partially funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Mundus Green IT project (Green IT for the benefit of civil society. 3772227-1-2012-ES-ERA MUNDUS-EMA21; Grant Agreement No. 2012-2625/001-001-EMA2).


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