Medical Image Security Using Dual Encryption with Oppositional Based Optimization Algorithm


Security is the most critical issue amid transmission of medical images because it contains sensitive information of patients. Medical image security is an essential method for secure the sensitive data when computerized images and their relevant patient data are transmitted across public networks. In this paper, the dual encryption procedure is utilized to encrypt the medical images. Initially Blowfish Encryption is considered and then signcryption algorithm is utilized to confirm the encryption model. After that, the Opposition based Flower Pollination (OFP) is utilized to upgrade the private and public keys. The performance of the proposed strategy is evaluated using performance measures such as Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), entropy, Mean Square Error (MSE), and Correlation Coefficient (CC).

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  • Medical image security
  • Blowfish encryption algorithm
  • Signcryption
  • PSNR and opposition based flower pollination optimization