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On the Non-linear Stability of Flux Reconstruction Schemes

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The flux reconstruction (FR) approach unifies various high-order schemes, including collocation based nodal discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods, and all spectral difference methods (at least for a linear flux function), within a single framework. Recently a new range of linearly stable FR schemes have been identified, henceforth referred to as Vincent-Castonguay-Jameson-Huynh (VCJH) schemes. In this short note non-linear stability properties of FR schemes are elucidated via analysis of linearly stable VCJH schemes (so as to focus attention solely on issues of non-linear stability). It is shown that linearly stable VCJH schemes (at least in their standard form) may be unstable if the flux function is non-linear. This instability is due to aliasing errors, which manifest since FR schemes (in their standard form) utilize a collocation projection at the solution points to construct a polynomial approximation of the flux. Strategies for minimizing such aliasing driven instabilities are discussed within the context of the FR approach. In particular, it is shown that the location of the solution points will have a significant effect on non-linear stability. This result is important, since linear analysis of FR schemes implies stability is independent of solution point location. Finally, it is shown that if an exact L2 projection is employed to construct an approximation of the flux (as opposed to a collocation projection), then aliasing errors and hence aliasing driven instabilities will be eliminated. However, performing such a projection exactly, or at least very accurately, would be more costly than performing a collocation projection, and would certainly impact the inherent efficiency and simplicity of the FR approach. It can be noted that in all above regards, non-linear stability properties of FR schemes are similar to those of nodal DG schemes. The findings should motivate further research into the non-linear performance of FR schemes, which have hitherto been developed and analyzed solely in the context of a linear flux function.

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