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Lifting the Veil on the New World’s Least-Known Primates

Evolutionary Biology and Conservation of Titis, Sakis, and Uacaris. 2013. Veiga LM, Barnett AA, Ferrari SF, and Norconk MA (Eds) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 397 Pp. $154.99 (Hardback). ISBN 9780521881586
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Book Review

This volume unites recent information on the biology and conservation of the least-known of the Neotropical monkeys, the pithecids (including the titi monkeys). Based on a conference in 2008, the contributions were updated and augmented to produce the current version. It is well edited and written; many chapters have a handy summary at the end to allow busy readers to decide if they wish to delve into the details. It is well worth doing so, whether you are a biologist or biological anthropologist trying to quickly understand this specialized group of (mostly) seed-eating primates, or a specialist in primate behavior and ecology wanting to learn what is currently known about this diverse group.

The book is organized in four sections: 1) reviews of the taxonomy, phylogeny, and distributions of the pithecid clade; 2) comparative and evolutionary ecology of this group; 3) 18 reviews and detailed studies on individual genera and species of pithecids; and 4) conservation status and prospects...

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