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Taxonomy Interrupted

UNGULATE TAXONOMY. By Colin Groves and Peter Grubb. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. 2011. 317 pp., $100.00 (cloth). ISBN 978-1-4214-0093-8
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Book Review

Time is a limiting reagent in publication, particularly of books. At some point, time runs out. A deadline compels a submission to a volume. A retirement begs a festschrift, a memoir, or a magnum opus. It might very well be that Ungulate Taxonomyis exactly the book that Colin Groves and Peter Grubb intended as the culmination of their “future ambition” in the time that they had. In reading it, however, one wonders how much more it might have been had time not run out on their collaboration with the death of Grubb from cancer in 2006. The stated fact of Grubb’s passing in the preface makes it more poignant that, even with the five years that passed until its publication, Groves could only do so much to bring to some fruition this mammoth collaboration with his good friend. There is much to like about this book, but there is also much that seems incomplete or premature, and it is easy to imagine that this might have been different had Peter Grubb lived longer, or even if he simply had...


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