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Getting the Cat Out of the Bag: Exploring the Life of the Cougar

Cougar: Ecology and Conservation. Edited by Maurice Hornocker and Sharon Negri. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 2009. 304 pp., $49.00 (cloth). ISBN: 978-0-226-35344-9
  • Emily K. CroteauEmail author
Book Review

“Eastern cougar extinct?,” “Mountain lion comeback in the Midwest,” “Genetic restoration of Florida panther a success!,” and “Mountain lion killed after preying on petting zoo.” These are a few of the cougar-related headlines we have seen in the popular and academic press in the last year. Mountain lions are intriguing, not only to big cat enthusiasts and biologists, but also to the public, and as such, they garner considerable media coverage. Given the recent and continuing interest in this elusive cat, there comes no better time for Cougar: Ecology and Conservation, one of, if not the, most comprehensive books on cougar research to date.

My first impression of the text was a bit deceiving. The book looks very appealing, and at slightly over 300 pages (50 of which comprise references and appendices), approximately an inch thick, with a beautiful cover shot of an inquisitive juvenile cougar, one might think this book is light on content; however, it is exactly the opposite. With 16...


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