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The Biology of the Sciuridae: A Global Perspective

Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide. Richard W. Thorington, Jr. and Katie Ferrell. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 2006. 183 pp., $45.00 (hardcover, 0-8018-8402-0), $24.95 (paperback, 0-8018-8403-9).
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The Sciuridae, a diverse group of over 278 species, is distributed across all continents except Australia and Antarctica. It includes the South American pygmy squirrels (Sciurillinae); the giant tree squirrels of southern Asia (Ratufinae); the common tree squirrels of southern Asia (Callosciurinae); the ground squirrels of North America, Eurasia, and Africa; the bush and tree squirrels of Africa (Xerinae); and all remaining tree and flying squirrels found in the Americas, Europe, and Asia (Sciurinae). Over the past few decades this family of rodents, in part due to its tremendous diversity and familiarity to humans, has provided model subjects for testing a number of evolutionary, ecological, and behavioral questions. Now, in one short volume—like no other publication before it—comes a concise guide and fact book that examines Sciuridae’s wide diversity, places it in its appropriate evolutionary and ecological context, and demonstrates why this family of mammals is such an important...

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