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Correction to: On Photographing Artists’ Books

The Original Article was published on 20 December 2019

Correction to: Journal of Medical Humanities, Volume 41, Number 1

The author would like to add the photographs which were inadvertently not included with the article.

figure a
figure c
figure d
figure e
figure f
figure g
figure h
figure i
figure j
figure k
figure l
figure m
figure n
figure o
figure p
figure q
figure r
figure s
figure t
figure u
figure v
figure w
figure x
figure y
figure z
figure aa
figure ab
figure ac
figure ad
figure ae
figure af
figure ag
figure ah
figure ai
figure aj
figure ak
figure al
figure am
figure an
figure ao
figure ap
figure aq
figure ar
figure as
figure at
figure au
figure av
figure aw
figure ax
figure ay
figure az
figure ba
figure bb
figure bc
figure bd
figure be
figure bf
figure bg
figure bh
figure bi
figure bj
figure bk
figure bl
figure bm
figure bn
figure bo
figure bp
figure bq
figure br
figure bs
figure bt
figure bu
figure bv
figure bw
figure bx
figure by
figure bz
figure ca
figure cb
figure cc
figure cd
figure ce
figure cf
figure cg
figure ch
figure ci
figure cj
figure ck
figure cl
figure cm
figure cn
figure co
figure cp
figure cq

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