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Learning Ethics on a Pedagogical Playground

A Book Review of The Brewsters
  • Mark A. ClarkEmail author

Review of The Brewsters: An Interactive Adventure in Ethics for the Health Professions

By Jeffrey P. Spike, Thomas R. Cole, and Richard Buday

Houston: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houton. 2011.

Review by: Mark A. Clark

Institute for the Medical Humanities

University of Texas Medical Branch

Ethics educators of a stodgier ilk may be inclined, in reading The Brewsters, to check their enjoyment with the assessment that they’re (guiltily) engaged in a kind of intellectual recess. How can one feel at play in gaining an exposure to the rudiments of interprofessional ethics? Should one? On the other hand, the delight may trigger the recollection that important lessons—even certain ethical lessons—are learned, pleasurably, on the various playgrounds of our lives.

Authored by Jeffrey Spike, Tom Cole, and Richard Buday, The Brewstersrepresents, foremost, a pedagogical accomplishment grounded in a dazzling display of muted rhetorical sophistication. It is a narrative fiction...


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