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Maximally distance-unbalanced trees


For a graph G, and two distinct vertices u and v of G, let \( n_{{G(u,v)}} \) be the number of vertices of G that are closer in G to u than to v. Miklavič and Šparl (arXiv:2011.01635v1) define the distance-unbalancedness \({{\mathrm{uB}}}(G)\) of G as the sum of \(|n_G(u,v)-n_G(v,u)|\) over all unordered pairs of distinct vertices u and v of G. For positive integers n up to 15, they determine the trees T of fixed order n with the smallest and the largest values of \({\mathrm{uB}}(T)\), respectively. While the smallest value is achieved by the star \(K_{1,n-1}\) for these n, which we then proved for general n (Minimum distance-unbalancedness of trees, J Math Chem,, the structure of the trees maximizing the distance-unbalancedness remained unclear. For n up to 15 at least, all these trees were subdivided stars. Contributing to problems posed by Miklavič and Šparl, we show

$$\begin{aligned} \max \Big \{{\mathrm{uB}}(T):T \text{ is } \text{ a } \text{ tree } \text{ of } \text{ order } n\Big \} =\frac{n^3}{2}+o(n^3) \end{aligned}$$


$$\begin{aligned} \max \Big \{{\mathrm{uB}}(S(n_1,\ldots ,n_k)):1+n_1+\cdots +n_k=n\Big \} =\left( \frac{1}{2}-\frac{5}{6k}+\frac{1}{3k^2}\right) n^3+O(kn^2), \end{aligned}$$

where \(S(n_1,\ldots ,n_k)\) is the subdivided star such that removing its center vertex leaves paths of orders \(n_1,\ldots ,n_k\).

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