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Comment on “Localization–delocalization phenomena in a cyclic box” by H. H. Corzo, H. G. Laguna, and R. P. Sagar

  • Andrés CedilloEmail author
Letter to the Editor


The role of the degeneracy in the computation of the Shannon entropy in a two-dimensional cyclic box is analyzed to complement the discussion started by Corzo et al. (J Math Chem 50:233, 2012). Even though the density and, consequently, the Shannon entropy are ill defined in a degenerate level, it is shown that this information theory descriptor is bounded within a degenerate level of the cyclic box. In addition, it is also shown that bounds are the same in all excited states.


Quantum degeneracy Shannon entropy Cyclic box Localization–delocalization 



A Lithuanian State Scholarship from the Education Exchanges Support Foundation was granted to AC. Partial support from CONACYT Grant 237045 and the hospitality of LSPMS and Vilnius University are also acknowledged.


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