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Solvable model for chemical oscillations

Journal of Mathematical Chemistry Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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The Lotka–Volterra equation, proposed first with two variables by A. J. Lotka, underpins the well-known classic model for chemical oscillations. The general solutions of the Lotka–Volterra equation, with \(n\) variables, however, remain unknown. We describe a solvable nonlinear model and general solution, previously unstudied for chemical oscillations, that is analogous to the Lotka–Volterra equations with \(n\) variables. This model approximates the Lotka–Volterra equations in the neighbourhood of an equilibrium point and is solvable because it can be shown to be linearized to a set of first-order linear differential equations. The purpose of this report is a description of the general solution of the model.

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We thank Yohei Nanazawa for discussions concerning our study. The numerous numerical simulations performed using the RIKEN Integrated Cluster of Clusters (RICC) improved the simulations performed for this study.

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Chikayama, E., Sunaga, Y., Noda, S. et al. Solvable model for chemical oscillations. J Math Chem 52, 399–406 (2014).

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