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Anomalous Inferred Viscosity and Normal Density Near the \(^3\)He \(T_{\mathrm{c}}\) in a Torsion Pendulum


Precise measurements of the dissipation and resonant frequency of a torsion pendulum reveal an anomaly in the inferred viscosity and normal density of liquid \(^3\)He near the superfluid transition. We present an argument that the anomaly originates in the large viscosity and large viscosity change of the normal component in the torsion tube in the vicinity of the superfluid transition.

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We acknowledge useful input from Erich Mueller, and Dietrich Einzel. This work was supported by the NSF under DMR-2002692 (Parpia), DMR 75-08624 and 76-21669 and through the Cornell Materials Science Center Grant No. DMR 76-01281 (Reppy).

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  • Viscosity of \(^3\)He
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