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Concept Study of Optical Configurations for High-Frequency Telescope for LiteBIRD


The high-frequency telescope for LiteBIRD is designed with refractive and reflective optics. In order to improve sensitivity, this paper suggests the new optical configurations of the HFT which have approximately 7 times larger focal planes than that of the original design. The sensitivities of both the designs are compared, and the requirement of anti-reflection (AR) coating on the lens for the refractive option is derived. We also present the simulation result of a sub-wavelength AR structure on both surfaces of silicon, which shows a band-averaged reflection of 1.1–3.2% at 101–448 GHz.

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This work was supported by JSPS/MEXT KAKENHI Grant Numbers 17H01115 and 15H05891.

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Hasebe, T., Kashima, S., Ade, P.A.R. et al. Concept Study of Optical Configurations for High-Frequency Telescope for LiteBIRD. J Low Temp Phys 193, 841–850 (2018).

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