Journal of Low Temperature Physics

, Volume 191, Issue 3–4, pp 136–152 | Cite as

Co-current Doping Effect of Nanoscale Carbon and Aluminum Nitride on Critical Current Density and Flux Pinning Properties of Bulk \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) Superconductors

  • D. TripathiEmail author
  • T. K. Dey


The effect of nanoscale aluminum nitride (n-AlN) and carbon (n-C) co-doping on superconducting properties of polycrystalline bulk \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) superconductor has been investigated. Polycrystalline pellets of \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\), \(\hbox {MgB}_{2} + 0.5\) wt% AlN (nano), \(\hbox {MgB}_{1.99}\hbox {C}_{0.01}\) and \(\hbox {MgB}_{1.99}\hbox {C}_{0.01} + 0.5\) wt% AlN (nano) have been synthesized by a solid reaction process under inert atmosphere. The transition temperature (\(T_{\mathrm{C}})\) estimated from resistivity measurement indicates only a small decrease for C (nano) and co-doped \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) samples. The magnetic field response of investigated samples has been measured at 4, 10, and 20 K in the field range ± 6 T. \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) pellets co-doped with 0.5 wt% n-AlN and 1 wt% n-C display appreciable enhancement in critical current density (\(J_\mathrm{C}\)) of \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) in both low (\(\ge 3\)  times), as well as, high-field region (\(\ge \) 15 times). \(J_\mathrm{C}\) versus H behavior of both pristine and doped \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) pellets is well explained in the light of the collective pinning model. Further, the normalized pinning force density \(f_\mathrm{p}(= F_\mathrm{p}/F_{\mathrm{pmax}})\) displays a fair correspondence with the scaling procedure proposed by Eisterer et al. Moreover, the scaled data of the pinning force density (i.e., \(f_\mathrm{p}{-}h\) data) of the investigated pellets at different temperature are well interpreted by a modified Dew-Hughes expression reported by Sandu and Chee.


\(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) superconductors Co-doping Critical current density Flux pinning Scaling of pinning force density 


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  1. 1.Department of Physics and Material ScienceJaypee Institute of Information TechnologyNoidaIndia
  2. 2.Cryogenic Engineering CentreIndian Institute of TechnologyKharagpurIndia

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