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Comparison of Critical Current Scaling Behaviors in \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\)/SiC/Si Thin Films

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Scaling behaviors of critical current density \(J_{c}\) in \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\) thin films are investigated on different films with thickness of 100 nm, in comparison with 50- and 10-nm films based on a comprehensive scaling formula. Experimental data are reduced and analyzed with the formula over a wide range of magnitudes. In 100- and 50-nm films the single scaling function has been able to fit experimental \(J_{c}\) data up to ten orders of magnitudes with appropriate flux pinning parameters. On the other hand, for the 10-nm film, different \(J_{c}\) dependences were found on temperature and magnetic field, concerning anomalous or granular superconductivity.

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This work was supported in part by the Central Research Laboratory, Fukuoka University (Project #145004), and magnetic measurements were taken at the Advanced Materials Institute Facilities established at Fukuoka University under the support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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Nishida, A., Taka, C., Chromik, S. et al. Comparison of Critical Current Scaling Behaviors in \(\hbox {MgB}_{2}\)/SiC/Si Thin Films. J Low Temp Phys 187, 565–572 (2017).

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