Journal of Low Temperature Physics

, Volume 187, Issue 5–6, pp 692–698 | Cite as

Strong-Coupling Effects and Shear Viscosity in an Ultracold Fermi Gas



We theoretically investigate the shear viscosity \(\eta \), as well as the entropy density s, in the normal state of an ultracold Fermi gas. Including pairing fluctuations within the framework of a T-matrix approximation, we calculate these quantities in the Bardeen–Cooper–Schrieffer (BCS)–Bose–Einstein condensation (BEC) crossover region. We also evaluate \(\eta / s\), to compare it with the lower bound of this ratio, conjectured by Kovtun, Son, and Starinets (KSS bound). In the weak-coupling BCS side, we show that the shear viscosity \(\eta \) is remarkably suppressed near the superfluid phase transition temperature \(T_{\mathrm{c}}\), due to the so-called pseudogap phenomenon. In the strong-coupling BEC side, we find that, within the neglect of the vertex corrections, one cannot correctly describe \(\eta \). We also show that \(\eta / s\) decreases with increasing the interaction strength, to become very close to the KSS bound, \(\hbar /4\pi k_{\mathrm{B}}\), on the BEC side.


Ultracold Fermi gas BCS–BEC crossover Strong-coupling effect 



We would like to thank P. van Wyk, H. Tajima, R. Hanai, and D. Inotani for discussions. This work was supported by the KiPAS Project in Keio University. D.K. was supported by KLL Ph.D. Program Research Grant from Keio University. Y.O. was supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from MEXT and JSPS in Japan (Nos. 15K00178, 15H00840, 16K05503).


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  1. 1.Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and TechnologyKeio UniversityYokohamaJapan

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