Journal of Low Temperature Physics

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Coupled Dynamics for Superfluid \(^4\hbox {He}\) in a Channel



We study the coupled dynamics of normal and superfluid components of superfluid \(^4\hbox {He}\) in a channel considering the counterflow turbulence with laminar normal component. In particular, we calculated profiles of the normal velocity, the mutual friction, the vortex line density and other flow properties and compared them to the case where the dynamic of the normal component is “frozen.” We have found that the coupling between the normal and superfluid components leads to flattening of the normal velocity profile, increasingly more pronounced with temperature, as the mutual friction, and therefore, coupling becomes stronger. The commonly measured flow properties also change when the coupling between the two components is taken into account.


Superfluid helium Coupled dynamics Thermal counterflow 



We acknowledge useful and encouraging discussions with V. L’vov and I. Procaccia.


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