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Analysis of the “Push–pull” Capacitance Bridge Circuit for Comb-Drive Micro-electro-mechanical Oscillators


We have developed an improved actuation/detection scheme for a comb-drive micro-electro-mechanical oscillator as a probe to study quantum fluids. This symmetric scheme has many advantages over the asymmetric scheme used previously. In this report, we provide a full description and analysis of the method so that researchers interested can readily implement the method in their experiments involving similar devices.

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  1. 1.

    We have achieved driving force more than ten times larger than before, which is currently limited only by the maximum output of our function generator.


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This work is supported by NSF through DMR-1205891 (YL).

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Zheng, P., Jiang, W.G., Barquist, C.S. et al. Analysis of the “Push–pull” Capacitance Bridge Circuit for Comb-Drive Micro-electro-mechanical Oscillators. J Low Temp Phys 183, 313–319 (2016).

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  • Quantum fluids
  • MEMS oscillators
  • Measurement scheme
  • Transduction factor