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Development of a Spatially Resolved \(^3\)He Quasi-Particle Detector


Andreev surface bound sates are known to exist on the boundaries of superfluid \(^3\)He-B. However, the detailed nature of their interaction with bulk quasi-particles is not well known. In a manner similar to angle-resolved photo-emission spectroscopy, surface states can be probed by measuring the change in momentum of bulk quasi-particles scattered from the surface. In order to make such a measurement, we have designed a spatially resolved quasi-particle detector. The detector consists of an array of micro-machined resonators, which are sensitive to quasi-particle flux. The detector is based on previously developed micro-machined resonators, which have been successfully used to study superfluid \(^3\)He-B and \(^4\)He. Presented here is the design of the detector and the fabrication procedure.

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This work was supported by NSF DMR-1205891 (YL). e acknowledge our collaboration with the Lancaster low temperature group in \(^3\)He vortex imaging.

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