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Resonances and Dynamical Fragmentation in a Stirred Bose–Einstein Condensate

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Journal of Low Temperature Physics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Superfluids are distinguished from ordinary fluids by the quantized manner in which the rotation is manifested in them. Precisely, quantized vortices are known to appear in the bulk of a superfluid subject to external rotation. In this work we study a trapped ultracold Bose gas of \(N=101\) atoms interacting with finite-range potential in two spatial dimensions that is stirred by a rotating beam. We use the multiconfigurational Hartree method for bosons, which goes beyond the mainstream mean-field theory, to calculate the dynamics of the gas in real time. As the gas is rotated, the wavefunction of the system changes symmetry and topology. We see a series of resonances, i.e., peaks in the total energy, as the stirring frequency is increased. Fragmentation and a change of the symmetry of the density of the gas accompany the appearance of these resonances. We conclude that fragmentation of the gas appears hand-in-hand with resonant absorption of energy and angular momentum from the external agent of rotation.

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  1. For a choice of \(L=30\,{\upmu }\)m, the parameter \(\sigma \) corresponds to \(300\,{\upmu }\)nm and the maximal extent of the cloud is \(180\,{\upmu }\)m. If, for instance, \(\omega _z=225\mathrm{Hz}\) and \(\omega _r=0.812\,\mathrm{Hz}\) are the values of the transverse and radial confinement frequencies, respectively, then the corresponding scattering length of our simulations would be \(\alpha _s \approx ~24\,\mathrm{nm}\approx ~50 \alpha _0\) (Bohr radii) and the interaction parameter \(g_0=0.5\).

  2. We mean here local density bumps that resemble bright solitons; however, they are not real solitons as they do not propagate in time without dispersion.


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We thank V.S. Bagnato and S. Weiner for essential and useful comments on the manuscript. M.C.T acknowledges financial support from FAPESP. A.U.J.L. acknowledges financial support by the Swiss SNF and the NCCR Quantum Science and Technology. Computational time in the Hermit Cray computer of the HLRS is also gratefully acknowledged. Last, A.U.J.L. thanks Centro de Pesquisas em Óptica e Fotônica (CEPOF) of the Institute of Physics of São Carlos (IFSC) of the University of São Paulo (USP) for generous hospitality.

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