Design and Expected Performance of GISMO-2, a Two Color Millimeter Camera for the IRAM 30 m Telescope


We present the main design features for the GISMO-2 bolometer camera, which we build for background-limited operation at the IRAM 30 m telescope on Pico Veleta, Spain. GISMO-2 will operate simultaneously in the 1 and 2 mm atmospherical windows. The 1 mm channel uses a \(32 \times 40\) TES-based backshort under grid (BUG) bolometer array, the 2 mm channel operates with a \(16 \times 16\) BUG array. The camera utilizes almost the entire full field of view provided by the telescope. The optical design of GISMO-2 was strongly influenced by our experience with the GISMO 2 mm bolometer camera, which is successfully operating at the 30 m telescope. GISMO is accessible to the astronomical community through the regular IRAM call for proposals.

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This work was supported through NSF ATI grants 1020981 and 1106284.

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  • Transition Edge Sensor
  • Noise Equivalent Power
  • Silicon Monoxide
  • Bolometer Array
  • Thermal Blocker