Journal of Low Temperature Physics

, Volume 175, Issue 1–2, pp 498–507 | Cite as

Non-Fermi Liquid Behaviour in the Heavy-Fermion Kondo Lattice Ce2Rh3Al9

  • M. Falkowski
  • A. M. Strydom


In the heavy fermion class of strongly correlated electron systems, the Landau Fermi liquid description of metals has become a rather fragile basis on which to formulate an understanding of their ground state. The proximity to cooperative phenomena such as magnetic order and superconductivity and the amenability of Ce- and Yb-based compounds to be tuned into quantum criticality have been found to have extraordinary effects on the T→0 thermal scaling of electronic and magnetic properties. A collection of non-Fermi liquid scaling relations have thus far been proposed in the search for universality. Here we report on the physical properties of the heavy fermion Kondo lattice Ce2Rh3Al9. The low-temperature specific heat and electrical resistivity are best described by power laws in their temperature dependence, and we model these according to the expectation for a system close to a magnetic phase transition. We demonstrate how applied magnetic fields drive the transition from the Kondo coherent state, through a cross-over phase, and into Fermi-liquid behaviour at high fields and low temperatures.


Heavy fermions Kondo lattice Non-Fermi liquid 



A.M.S. gratefully thanks the URC of UJ, and the SA-NRF (78832) for financial assistance. M.F. acknowledges support from the UJ Faculty of Science and URC for Postdoctoral Fellowship. Douglas Britz is thanked for experimental assistance.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of JohannesburgAuckland ParkSouth Africa

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