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Observation of Crossover from Ballistic to Diffusion Regime for Excimer Molecules in Superfluid 4He

An Erratum to this article was published on 10 October 2012


We have measured the temperature dependence of the time of flight of helium excimer molecules \(\mathrm {He}_{2}^{*}(a^{3}\Sigma ^{+}_{u})\) in superfluid 4He and find that the molecules behave ballistically below ∼100 mK and exhibit Brownian motion above ∼200 mK. In the intermediate temperature range the transport cannot be described by either of the models.

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This work was supported through the Materials World Network program by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council [Grant No. EP/H04762X/1] and the National Science Foundation [Grants DMR-1007937 and DMR-1007974]. PMW is indebted to EPSRC for the Career Acceleration Fellowship [Grant No. EP/I003738/1].

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Zmeev, D.E., Papkour, F., Walmsley, P.M. et al. Observation of Crossover from Ballistic to Diffusion Regime for Excimer Molecules in Superfluid 4He. J Low Temp Phys 171, 207–213 (2013).

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  • Excimer molecules
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