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Zeeman Splitting and Nonlinear Field-Dependence in Superfluid 3He


We have studied the acoustic Faraday effect in superfluid 3He up to significantly larger magnetic fields than in previous experiments achieving rotations of the polarization of transverse sound as large as 1710°. We report nonlinear field effects, and use the linear results to determine the Zeeman splitting of the imaginary squashing mode (ISQ) frequency in 3He-B.

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We would like to thank J.A. Sauls for his help with this work, and acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation, DMR-1103625.

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Collett, C.A., Pollanen, J., Li, J.I.A. et al. Zeeman Splitting and Nonlinear Field-Dependence in Superfluid 3He. J Low Temp Phys 171, 214–219 (2013).

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  • Superfluid 3He
  • Acoustic Faraday effect
  • Collective modes
  • Transverse acoustics
  • Magnetic field