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Superfluid 3He Confined in a Single 0.6 Micron Slab

A Phase Transition Between Superfluid Phases with Hysteresis


We present the preliminary results of our studies of superfluid 3He in a 0.6 μm thick slab using NMR. Below T c the A phase is observed, and at low pressures the region of stability of the A phase extends down to the lowest temperatures reached, as described elsewhere. At pressures above 3.2 bar another, so far unidentified phase is observed at low temperatures. In this article we focus on the behavior of this phase and the transition between this phase and the A phase, all studied at 5.5 bar. The NMR response at low temperatures exhibits two possible frequency shifts and the transition is hysteretic in temperature.

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Levitin, L.V., Bennett, R.G., Casey, A.J. et al. Superfluid 3He Confined in a Single 0.6 Micron Slab. J Low Temp Phys 158, 159 (2010).

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  • Superfluid
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