A Kilopixel Array of TES Bolometers for ACT: Development, Testing, and First Light


The Millimeter Bolometer Array Camera (MBAC) will be installed on the 6-meter Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) in late 2007. For the first season of observations, MBAC will comprise a 145 GHz diffraction-limited, 1024-pixel, focal plane array of Transition Edge Sensor (TES) Bolometers. This will be the largest array of pop-up-detector bolometers ever fielded as well as one of the largest arrays of TES bolometers. We discuss the design specifications for the array and pre-assembly testing procedures for the cryogenic components. We present dark measurements of the TES bolometer properties of numerous 32-pixel columns that have been assembled into the first kilopixel array for ACT, as well as optical measurements made with our 256-pixel prototype array, including first light measurements on ACT.

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  • TES
  • Bolometer
  • Detector array
  • Astrophysics
  • Cosmology


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