Novel Benzidine and o-Phenylenediamine Copolymer–Matrix Microcomposites

  • Ayman S. Al-Hussaini


Poly(benzidine-co-o-phenylenediamine)/bentonite composites were fabricated utilizing several bentonite percentages by a facile oxidative copolymerization. The composites were clarified by means of FT-IR and UV–Vis absorption spectra of both poly(benzidine-co-o-phenylenediamine) emeraldine base, and poly(benzidine-co-o-phenylenediamine)/bentonite composite. The conjunction of o-phenylenediamine monomer with polybenzidine skeleton in the existence of bentonite was proven. TGA analyses under non-oxidative condition were studied. Moreover, at different magnifications, SEM of bentonite composite was examined having micrometric particle sizes in the range of 0.24–0.80 μm. A comparison of XRD patterns of the synthesized polymer and composite was discussed.

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Microcomposites Oxidative polymerization Bentonite TGA SEM XRD 



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