Extraction of Heavy Metals, Dichromate Anions and Rare Metals by New Calixarene-Chitosan Polymers

  • Yuning Liu
  • Zhimei Zhong


This paper describes the extraction properties of three kinds of new Calix[n]arene-Chitosan Polymer (n = 4, 6, 8) (C[n]CSP (n = 4, 6, 8)) which are soluble in chloroform. Through the two-liquid-phase method of lab of Martell and different spectrophotometry, extraction studies of Fe3+, heavy metal cations (Cd2+, Pb3+ and Hg2+), dichromate anions and rare earth metal cations (La3+, Ce3+ and Eu3+) were performed by C[n]CSP (n = 4, 6, 8) as extracting agent material. At the same time, the raw material of Chitosan (CS) and Calix[n]arene (n = 4, 6, 8) (C[n] (n = 4, 6, 8)) were used for comparisons in these experiments. Being not affected by pH and hydrogen bonding in water solution, the extraction percentage of Hg2+ cation by C (Soedarsono et al. Ber. Bunsenges. Phys. Chem 100:477, 1996) CSP reach 98.96%, the extraction capacity of C[4] CSP toward Fe3+ cation is 33.47 mg g−1 and the extraction capacities of C[n]CSP (n = 4, 6, 8) toward La3+, Ce3+, Eu3+ cations had been much risen, and the extraction capacity of C[n]CSP (n = 4, 6, 8) toward dichromate anions is three to four times higher than that of C[n] (n = 4, 6, 8) and Chitosan. The results showed that C[n]CSP (n = 4, 6, 8) were excellent extracting agent in ions extraction.


Calixarene Chitosan Polymer Extraction Two-liquid-phase method Heavy metals Dichromate anions Rare earth metal 



This work was financially supported by Excellent Young Scientist Foundation of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University of China (Grant No. 2014XYQ-20) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 21462030).


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  1. 1.College of ScienceInner Mongolia Agricultural UniversityHohhotChina

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