Isomer Directed Synthesis of Two 3D Cadmium(II) Compounds: Structure Variation and Energetic Performance

  • Bo Wei
  • Duo Xu
  • Zhan Yong Yang
  • Fan Sun
  • Xiao Qing Gu
  • Chang Yu Sun
  • Fang Yu Guo
  • Qiao Yun Li
  • Gao Wen Yang


Bifunctional tetrazole-carboxylates, 5-(n-pyridyl)tetrazole-2-isopropionic acid (denoted as Hn-pytzipa, n = 2, 3) have been selected to be reacted with CdCl2·2.5 H2O under solvothermal conditions, [Cd3(2-pytzipa)2(MeOH)2Cl4]n (1) and [Cd(3-pytzipa)2]n (2) were obtained. In compound 1, 2-pytzipa is a pentadentate ligand to bridge adjacent Cd(II) centers to generate a fascinating 3D dinodal 4-connected, 5-connected net with point symbol of (42·84)(43·64·73). In 2, each 3-pytzipa bridges three Cd(II) atoms in a μ 1,3-COO syn-anti mode to generate a fascinating 3D one-nodal 6-connected net with point symbol of (42·52·66·75). Photoluminescence properties of compounds 1 and 2 in the solid state show enhanced ligand centered emission. Furthermore, thermogravimetric-differential (TG-DTG) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) were used to evaluate the thermal decomposition behavior of compounds 1 and 2, showing that the decomposition process of compound 2 is much more intense than that of compound 1. The thermal parameters (∆S, ∆H and ∆G) of the decomposition of compound 2 were calculated, as well.


Cd(II), isomer Crystal structure Luminescence Energetic performance 



We appreciate financial support from the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (Grant No. BK2012210), the Natural Science Foundation of the Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions of China (Grant No. 10KJB430001) and the Opening Fund of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Advanced Functional Materials (Grant No. 12KFJJ010). We greatly thank Meng Yue Guo and Peng Peng Sun for their help.

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  • Duo Xu
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  • Fan Sun
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  • Xiao Qing Gu
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