Supramolecular Polymers and Chiral Phosphine Oxides by Oxidation of Gold(I) Complexes

  • Nasser Nasser
  • Richard J. Puddephatt


The chiral diphosphine ligand R,R-cyclo-C6H10-trans-1,2-{NHC(=O)C6H4-2-PPh2}2, 1, forms complexes with gold(I) of formula [Au(1)]Cl, 2, and [(ClAu)2(µ-1)], 3, in which the diphosphine acts as a trans-chelate and bridging ligand, respectively. Oxidation of these gold(I) complexes leads to dissociation and oxidation of the diphosphine ligand to form the corresponding diphosphine dioxide R,R-cyclo-C6H10-1,2-{NHC(=O)C6H4-2-P(=O)Ph2}2, which has been crystallized in its protonated form and as complexes with Na+ and Fe2+, with [AuBr2] or [AuBr4] anions. Some of these compounds form supramolecular polymers by intermolecular hydrogen bonding.


Gold Bis(phosphine oxide) Diphosphine Supramolecular Polymer 



We thank the NSERC (Canada) for financial support and A. Borecki, B. Cooper and M. Jennings for expert assistance with the structure determinations.

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