A New Synthesized of Ferrous Ricinoleate Mixed with Maleic Dextrose Additive to Enhance Photo and Biodegradation Characteristics of LDPE



Low density polyethylene films blended (LDPE) with mixed Ferrous ricinoleate maleic dextrose additive have been exposed to accelerated UV and biotic environments. The films were accelerated UV light for 70 h before being mixed with water and municipal solid compost. The photo degraded and biodegraded LDPE films were examined by infrared spectroscopy and also to study the photodegraded film attacked by mitochondria β oxidation process of microorganism and its morphological study by SEM analysis and degree of crystallinity behaviour by XRD analysis.


LDPE Ferrous ricinoleic maleic dextrose SEM FTIR 


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  1. 1.Department of Plastic Engineering TechnologyCentral Institute of Plastic Engineering & TechnologyChennaiIndia

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