A Conjugated Organometallic Polymer with Truxene Antennas as Side Arms; A Multiluminescent Material with Evidence for Intrachain MO Couplings

  • Bin Du
  • Daniel Fortin
  • Pierre D. Harvey


A polymer ([Pt]–ZnP)n (ZnP = bis-meso-(hexahexyltruxene)zinc(II) porphyrin; [Pt] = trans-bis(phenylacetylene)bis(tributylphosphine)platinum(II)) was prepared from bis-meso-(hexahexyltruxene)zinc(II) porphyrin and trans-dichlorobis(tributylphosphine)platinum(II) and exhibits fluorescence and phosphorescence from truxene (Tru) and ZnP, and phosphorescence from [Pt] all at once. Evidence for singlet and triplet energy transfer Tru  ZnP (slow), [Pt]  ZnP (fast) is provided indicating inter-chromophore interactions. DFT computations indicate strong MO coupling between [Pt] and ZnP.

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Organometallic polymer Fluorescence Phosphorescence Energy transfer DFT computations 



PDH thanks the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), le Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Nature et les Technologies (FQRNT), and the Centre d’Études des Matériaux Optiques et Photoniques de l’Université de Sherbrooke (CEMOPUS).

Supplementary material

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  1. 1.Département de ChimieUniversité de SherbrookeSherbrookeCanada

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