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Hopeful Woman, Happy Couple: A Dyadic Model of Hope, Partner Support, and Relationship Satisfaction


There is a growing need to identify personal and interpersonal resilience factors that might enhance relationship satisfaction and lead to happier and more enjoyable shared lives. The current study used a dyadic approach that took into account the characteristics of both partners and examined the role of perceived partner support in the relation between personal hope and both partners’ relationship satisfaction. One-hundred-and-thirteen couples filled out questionnaires regarding hope, perceived partner support, and relationship satisfaction. Results indicated an actor but not partner effect of hope on perceived support. Interestingly, different patterns of association emerged for men and women as only women’s hope and perceived support were jointly related to women’s own satisfaction and to their partners’ satisfaction. Men’s hope and perceived support were interrelated but were not associated with relationship satisfaction. The role of hope in the context of interpersonal relationships as well as the role of gender differences in dyadic processes are further discussed.

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The study was approved by the Ethical Committee of the Peres Academic Center.

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Laslo-Roth, R., George-Levi, S. Hopeful Woman, Happy Couple: A Dyadic Model of Hope, Partner Support, and Relationship Satisfaction. J Happiness Stud 23, 2201–2216 (2022).

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  • Hope
  • Social support
  • Relationship satisfaction
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Dyadic approach