1 Correction to: Journal of Happiness Studies (2020) 21:1285–1301 https://doi.org/10.1007/s10902-019-00128-4

In the original publication, the text (line 10) under the heading “3 Re‑examining the Numerical Estimates of the Effect of Genes and Circumstances” with sub heading “3.1 How Much Variance in Chronic Happiness Levels can be Explained by Genetic Factors?” has been published incorrectly.

The correct version should read as below:

"Even taking the lower bound of the estimated range of heritability from this study (which did not measure adult well-being), we arrive at an average figure of 54%, or 61% if the studies are weighted to take into account their sample sizes."

The authors regret for this error, which was the result of an error of mental arithmetic by the first author. We do not believe that this error materially alters the principal arguments that are advanced in the article.