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Electronic Smoking Behavior Among Adult Males in Jordan


The use of Electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) has considerably expanded especially among adults. This paper highlights the behavior regarding E-cigarettes uses among adult males in Jordan. Moreover, we studied the electronic cigarette devices, the electronic cigarette liquids used in them, and the health-related complaints associated with e-smoking. Among smokers, we studied the association between E-cigarette use and their interest in smoking cessation. A questionnaire-based study regarding electronic cigarette prevalence and awareness among Jordanian individuals was conducted with a total sample size of 1536 participants. The questionnaire was distributed using Facebook and WhatsApp social groups. In this study, we included data of a total of 254 adult male participants after excluding non-E-cigarettes smokers, female smokers, and male smokers younger than 18 years old from the previously published study (Electronic Cigarettes Prevalence and Awareness among Jordanian Individuals) to describe electronic smoking behavior among adult males in Jordan. We described smoking behavior, electronic smoking technologies and materials, source of knowledge, and believe regarding electronic smoking among participants. A total of 254 E-cigarette smokers have participated in this study. 104 participants (40.9%) were found to smoke both traditional and electronic cigarettes, 111 (43.7%) quit traditional cigarette smoking and switched to E-cigarettes, and 39 (15.3%) individuals are exclusively e-smokers. More than half of the participants (n = 144; 56.7%) believe E-smoking is not addictive, and 213 (83.8%) suppose that the overall health effects attributable to E-smoking are less severe and not as serious as those related to traditional smoking. The use of E-cigarettes increased both nationally and globally in the past few years and is considered an emerging modality of smoking among non-smokers. Social media and other internet websites are the main sources of knowledge regarding E-cigarettes. Health-related issues and addiction are thought to be less than traditional smoking in considerable percentages of E-smokers. A more comprehensive conception of E-smoking patterns in Jordan is required to approach this phenomenon. Health authorities in collaboration with governmental policymakers are obligate to adopt strict recommendations to control the promotion of E-smoking through social media and other internet websites to limit its distribution among people especially youths.

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