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Employee Perceptions of Responsible Gambling in Macao: Concepts, Indicators, and Intervention Barriers


Despite the importance of venue employees in identifying problem gamblers and making interventions, little is known concerning what role venue employees play in responsible gambling practices in Macao. This study examined what venues employees’ perceptions of responsible gambling are, how they detect problem gamblers, and what barriers are impeding them from taking action. Semi-structured interviews with 49 venue staff in Macao yielded a wealth of in-depth data that were then thematically analyzed. The results indicated that employees generally understand what responsible gambling entails. While they are all confident in their ability to recognize the signs of problem gambling and provide adequate assistance to problem gamblers when asked, the majority of them rarely approach problem gamblers proactively. The barriers that prevent them from intervening were probed. The findings shed light on how to encourage venue employees to intervene on their own initiative in order to improve responsible gambling practices in Macao.

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The authors acknowledge and are grateful for the financial support from Macao Polytechnic Institute (Project code: RP/CJT-02/2021).

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  • Responsible gambling
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