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, Volume 56, Issue 2, pp 647–667 | Cite as

Mixed generalized quasi-equilibrium problems

  • Truong Thi Thuy DuongEmail author


In this paper, we introduce mixed generalized quasi-equilibrium problems and show some sufficient conditions on the existence of their solutions. As special cases, we obtain several results for different mixed quasi-equilibrium problems, mixed quasi-variational inclusions problems and mixed quasi-relation problems etc.


Generalized quasi-equilibrium problems Upper and lower quasivariational inclusions Upper and lower C-convex Upper and lower C-quasiconvex-like multivalued mappings Upper and lower C-continuous multivalued mappings KKM multivalued mappings 

Mathematics Subject Classification

49J27 49J53 91B50 90C48 


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  1. 1.Vinh Technical Teachers Training UniversityVinh CityVietnam

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