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Commentary on “Commercial Genetic Testing and the Future of the Genetic Counseling Profession”

  • Jennifer Hoskovec

The genetic counselor profession is a rapidly evolving entity with numerous forces affecting growth, diversification, and direction. The genetic counselor workforce has been, and remains, a priority for the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), and the current strategic plan outlines workforce as one of the three strategic initiatives, “Direct the evolution and adaptation of the genetic counselor workforce.” In order to tackle this complex issue, identifying and understanding the various forces that may impact the genetic counselor workforce is imperative. This has proven to be challenging given the nature of the genetic testing landscape and available data.

As chair of the Workforce Working Group (WFWG), I had the opportunity to work collaboratively with representatives from the major US professional genetic counseling organizations (American Board of Genetic Counseling, Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling, NSGC, Association for Genetic Counseling Program Directors,...


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  1. 1.Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive SciencesMcGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonHoustonUSA

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