Journal of Family Violence

, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp 189–199

Partner Covictimization and Post-Breakup Stalking, Pursuit, and Violence: A Retrospective Study of College Women

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DOI: 10.1007/s10896-014-9665-7

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Katz, J. & Rich, H. J Fam Viol (2015) 30: 189. doi:10.1007/s10896-014-9665-7


Covictimization involves experiencing both physical and sexual forms of intimate partner violence (IPV). It was hypothesized that covictimization during a dating relationship would predict stalking, ongoing pursuit, and continued partner violence after the relationship ended. Undergraduate women (N = 99) provided self-report data regarding experiences of IPV both during and after their most recent breakup and ongoing pursuit after the breakup. As expected, covictimized women reported elevated rates of post-breakup IPV, both physical and sexual. In addition, covictimized women reported elevated rates of ongoing pursuit involving intimidation/threats, but not involving approach/contact or surveillance. Ongoing intimidation/threat pursuit was also associated with post-breakup IPV, even after controlling for pre-breakup IPV. Covictimized women are at risk for continued intimidation and violence from ex-partners.


Dating violence Relationship termination Physical assault Sexual coercion 

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