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Location of Peptide-Induced Submicron Discontinuities in the Membranes of Vesicles Using ImageJ

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Journal of Fluorescence Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Cell penetrating peptide transportan 10 and antimicrobial peptide melittin formed submicron pores in the lipid membranes of vesicles which are explained by the leakage of water-soluble fluorescent probes from the inside of vesicles to the outside. It is hypothesized that these submicron pores induce submicron discontinuities in the membranes. Considering this hypothesis, a technique has developed to locate the submicron discontinuities in the membranes of giant unilamellar vesicles (GUVs) using ImageJ. In this technique, at first the edges of membrane of a ‘single GUV’ are detected and then these edges are used to locate the submicron discontinuities. Two continuous rings are observed after applying the ImageJ in GUVs which indicated the edges of membrane. In contrast, the submicron discontinuations are detected at the edges of transportan 10 and melittin induced pore formed membranes. This investigation might be helpful for the elucidation of mechanism of the peptide-induced pore formation in the membranes of vesicles.

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This work was supported partly by the Grants from Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, ICT Division (Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology) and CASR-BUET, Bangladesh to Mohammad Abu Sayem Karal.

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